Understanding Intrinsic Motivation: Workshop for Parents

This is just an invitation to all parents to attend the behaviour workshops on Friday 1st November 8.45 – 9.45 am and 12.50-1.50 pm

Aims of the workshop will be:

  • To share the principals of the behaviour policy and the school’s ethos of Intrinsic Motivation and Rights Respecting
  • To explain the school’s personalised provision for pupils who need support with improving their behaviour
  • To answer questions about the behaviour policy 

    We hope to see as many parents there as possible.

    Mrs Brooke and Mrs Vaz

    Assistant Head Teachers

This week’s learning

In phonics we played a variety of phase 1 games which included rhyme, alliteration and sounds in the environment. We began the week by playing a game of ‘Silly soup’. We sang a song and added pictures that rhyme into our ‘silly soup’ bowl. We also played a game of ‘Odd one out’ where we had to identify the pictures that did not rhyme. We now know that for something to rhyme it has to have the same sound at the end e.g. bat, rat, cat.  We also enjoyed the game ‘Digging for treasure’, where we had to match pictures that had the same sound at the start. To end the week we used our voices to make different sounds e.g. making our voice bounce like a ball (boing!) We also played a game of ‘Cross the river’ where we had to segment the word (segmenting e.g. p-e-g) and cross the ‘river’ if we had that object.

In maths we really enjoyed counting out different quantities of objects up to 10. We also played a game of ‘Cross the river’ and could only cross if we had the number our teacher said. To end the week we played ‘Popcorn numbers’. We had to crouch down on the floor and look at the number on the board. We could only ‘pop’ (jump up) when the correct number was said.

In topic, we talked about what we did during the summer break. Once we had heard all of the exciting things our friends had done, we drew a picture of an experience during the break and labelled it.  We also talked about why we need to look after our classroom. We were shown a picture of a very messy classroom and we had to say how it made us feel and how we could make it better. We also signed our class charter by drawing a picture of ourselves. To end the week we read the story ‘We are Gentle. We Don’t Hurt Others’ by Donna Luck and Juliet Doyle and we discussed a variety of feelings.

Have a lovely weekend.

The Reception team.

Aldi’s Kit for Schools

We are delighted to be collecting stickers for Aldi’s Kit for Schools.

Aldi are kindly giving schools the opportunity to receive £20,000 for equipment which would have an enormous benefit to our children.

Can we make it to 300 stickers? Not without your help! For every £30 you spend in store, you can collect 1 sticker.

Please bring all stickers to Mr Baldock or Mrs Marsh (6B or 6M).

This week’s learning

We have had a very exciting week settling into Reception. We were able to visit the different areas in Reception and we even met our new class bear.

To start the week, we practised getting into a circle and played a name game where we had to clap the syllables in our names. We also passed our class bear around the circle to introduce ourselves and we shared some of our hobbies. After being shown where to find the toilets, we discussed the importance of washing our hands and we practised doing this.

We also had fun playing the game ‘Silly Soup’. Our teachers made a silly soup with different rhyming objects e.g. man, pan, van. We had to repeat the rhyming words and sing a special song.

At the end of the week, we thought about creating a class charter. We were able to share our ideas and create a list of rules for the classroom. We are looking forward to completing and signing our class charters next week.

Well done to you all for a fantastic first week in Reception! We look forward to seeing you all next week.

Have a lovely weekend,

The Reception team.