Next week’s learning

Our book of the week will be ‘From Head to Toe’ by Eric Carle.

The children will be: naming parts of the body; experimenting with ways to move different parts of their body;  comparing the heights of different objects;  learning the words and actions to ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’ and ‘If You’re Happy and You Know It‘; describing our  faces; using a range of materials to draw/make a face and role playing in the home corner.


This week’s learning

All the children have now started Nursery and it is great  to see them settling in and making new friends. They are learning the Nursery routines and having lots of fun exploring their new environment. The children thoroughly enjoyed listening to the story  ‘Little Lion Lost’ this week.   We used the story to practise counting animals, remembering to line them up and point to each one in turn.  Throughout the week the children have talked about their favourite animal and  practised their cutting and sticking skills too.  Later in the week, we modelled how to use the rollers and cutters to shape the playdough and discussed a new story in our key groups.

Here are a few highlights:

Snack Time
Building models with our friends
Building sandcastles



Messages for Parents

Important Date:

Wednesday 26th September School Photos

Fireflies Drop-off (via Avenue Road):

Please note that the gate will be opened at 12pm.  At this time the driveway is in constant use and lessons are being taught on the school field.  Please keep your child close to you at all times and wait together at the entrance outside the school office. Thank you for your understanding.


Please make sure all items are clearly labelled with your child’s name, including water bottles.

Have a lovely weekend.

This Week’s Learning


Well done to all our new starters this week. It has been lovely to meet and get to know them all.  They are becoming familiar with each other and learning their friends’ names. We have introduced the children to some of our routines for example, ‘Rainbow’ time (carpet time), snack and ‘Tidy up’ time.  The children have really enjoyed listening to and joining in with our book of the week: Catch!

The children have been busy exploring their new setting and playing with lots of toys and equipment  in the different areas, for example: the train track, cars and ramp, playdough,  sand and role playing.  We counted together by singing 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Once I Caught a Fish Alive’.



Next Week’s Learning

Book of the Week: Little Lion Lost by Mark Marshall

We will be:  talking  about our favourite animals;  using a range of one-handed tools and equipment (rolling pins, cutters and scissors); counting objects and reciting numbers  to 5 (and beyond); learning a new song; exploring percussion instruments and printing shapes using paint.

Messages for Parents

Well done to all our new starters this week. We have introduced the children to some of our routines as well as trying out lots of toys and games.  Busy Beetles and Fireflies have listened carefully, helped each other, and had lots of fun too!  We look forward to the rest of the children starting next week.

Please find attached our ‘Welcome Letter’ which gives you information about what we do in Nursery and important dates.

Have a lovely weekend.

Autumn 1 Welcome letter.