This week’s learning

In phonics this week we learnt our final phase two sound ’ss’ before recapping the sounds ‘m’, ’n’’b’ and ’d’. We used a selection of practical activities to help us blend and segment words containing these sounds e.g. Mess, bed, bat, mop and net. We were also introduced to the five vowels aeiand through the song ‘vowel bat’. We now know that there is always a vowel in the middle of the three letter words (CVC words) we have been reading and writing. 

This week in maths, we focused on repeating shape patterns. We began the week by creating an AB repeating pattern using circles and oblongs for example, circle, oblong, circle, oblong. We then explored ABC patterns using circles, oblongs and triangles e.g. triangle, circle, oblong, triangle, circle, oblong. Towards the end of the week we printed ABB patterns using cylinders to create circles and cubes to create squares for example, square, circle, circle, square, circle, circle. 

In topic this week we read a selection of stories and answered questions about them. We also discussed the importance of sharing and taking turns and completed a selection of activities to help us.  Today we visited our local church and listened to the Christmas story in preparation for our Christmas show. Please continue to practise learning your lines at home.

Have a great weekend,

The Reception team.

Get Over £600 Worth of Free Books For Our School

The Sun has teamed up with HarperCollins to provide primary schools across England, Wales and Northern Ireland a free pack of 106 books, worth more than £600! All we have to do to earn these books is collect tokens printed in The Sun newspaper and The Sun on Sunday from Saturday November 23rd 2019 to Sunday January 18th 2020. To collect the total just 45 people need to collect tokens daily. At a school the size of Avenue, this should be something we can achieve!

Our Reading Champions will be collecting the tokens from classes over the course the challenge so please have them ready in school bags for collection.

Thank you in advance for your support and can I also take this opportunity to remind you that children should be reading at home daily and a comment should be made in their home, school liaison books. Please refer to the year group reading trails for books we suggest. Happy reading!

Learning Journey

We are delighted to inform you that your child’s electronic learning journey has been shared with you. Please check your email account (including your junk folder) and follow the activation link sent to you by Tapestry. We hope that you enjoy reading through your child’s observations and we look forward to seeing your comments and home observations in the future.

Please see the letter emailed to EYFS parents on 7.11.19 for more information.

Happy Reading 🙂

Class Teacher Awards

Congratulations to the following children who received a Class Teacher’s Award, Year Group Leader’s Award or Phase Leader’s Award this week:

June Bug: Emilia, Samuel and Vinnie

IWS: Aditya and Daniel

Rainbow Bug: Al Hassen and Simon

Centipede: Jasper and Daisy

YGL: Nick (RB) Thomas (JB) Sebastian (JB)

PL: Angellos (JB)

This week’s learning

In phonics we played a variety of phase 2 games and began the week by exploring the sound ‘h’. We played a game, where we had to throw a bean bag onto a target containing a word for us to read. We also practised writing words as a class using a large phoneme frame (a grid used to separate the individual sounds in a word).  Next we played ‘Feed the Monster’, where we had to read words and feed the monster the matching picture. We also enjoyed an interactive game of ‘Buried Treasure’. We had to blend the sounds together to read the word and then decide if the word was real or fake.  We also recapped the tricky words we have learnt so far.

Bean bag targets

In maths we focused on 2D shapes and learnt that ‘2D shapes are flat’. We were first introduced to a circle and triangle. We learned that ‘a circle has one curved side’ and ‘a triangle has three straight sides.’ We then had to sort our own shapes. Next we were introduced to a square and oblong. We learnt that ‘a square has four straight sides that are all the same length’ and ‘an oblong has four straight sides that are not the same length.’ We also enjoyed completing an outdoor shape hunt.

 In topic we discussed ‘Remembrance Day’ and why it is important. The children made their own poppy wreath as a class. We also recapped our characteristics of effective learning, looking at ‘active learning’ making links to ‘Ben and Holly’. We then discussed how we keep on trying and we wrote our ideas down. At the end of the week we listened to a story of our choice so that we could continue to develop our comprehension.

Have a lovely weekend.

The Reception