Multilingual Speakers

Hello all multilingual speakers! We are very sad that school is closed at the moment and are missing you all. While you are at home, make sure you do lots of reading in both your home language and in English. 

If you are looking for ways to continue to improve your English, there are lots of games and activities on the website below:

Also, the following website contains many English Language games that you may enjoy playing with other members of your family:

  ESL Games + –

Wow English TV has some stories and songs which you may enjoy.

Wow English TV

Take care of yourselves and your families. We look forward to seeing you very soon.

 Mrs Maddock                          Mrs Sengupta

EAL Coordinator                      EAL Intervention Lead Teaching Assistant

Enrichment Activities

There are 5 enrichment activities to be completed over the next week. 

The enrichment activities develop skills, independence and encourage children to learn by doing.

You could also try the 30 day Lego Challenge –

Please ensure that you are adhering to the government guidelines. Stay safe and healthy. Please practice hand-washing and social distancing. 

  1. Create a nature collage.
  2. Search for butterflies in your garden –
  3. Read the Gruffalo and act out the story. Draw a picture of the Gruffalo –

Picture News

Here is this week’s Picture News…

Picture news is a resource that we use weekly which provides opportunities for children to learn about our world and topics in the current news. Each week, we will post a picture news poster for you to discuss with your child. There are also some suggested home learning activities that you may wish to complete with your child. Please see attached this week’s poster, home learning challenges, recording sheet, British values links and additional resources.

This week’s learning opportunities

Please see attached the home learning for this week. It includes daily phonics, maths and topic activities. Please aim to complete a phonics, maths and topic activity each day. You will also find some learning through play challenges. Some of the activities require you to use the internet and the links to the websites have been provided for you. Please record any home learning you have completed in your special home learning book. You may also like to post photos and observations on Tapestry.

Some of the learning through play challenges are highlighted in red. These activities can be completed independently without support from an adult.

Miss Taylor

Message from Miss Vinter

Hello Spiders, 

How are you all? I do hope you are being very good at home and doing lots of lovely activities with your family, as well as keeping up with your amazing learning. This week I have been into school to look after Babs and all the children whose parents have to work. We have done some fun activities and Babs has had some new friends to play with, but she is missing her Spiders and sends you all a big hug. I showed Babs some of the lovely learning journeys that have been shared with us this week and we are very proud. While I haven’t been at school, I have been planning activities for you to do at home. I have also had my cheeky kitten to keep me company and I have had brain breaks to play with her, which she is loving.  

Look after yourself and remember ‘We are Spiders, super, super, Spiders.’


Miss Vinter 

Message From Mrs Farrant

Hi Reception,

I hope that you are all well and have been enjoying the learning activities we have put on the blog this week. I can see that some of you have been very busy from your home observations on Tapestry, well done! You can always get your grown ups to email me any work that you would like me to share with everyone on our blog.

This week I have been testing some of the activities we have put on the blog for you. I read a space story and drew some pictures to go with it. Can you draw some pictures about your favourite stories too?

From Mrs Farrant

Message from Miss Walls

 Dear Rainbow Bug Class,

It’s Miss Walls here. How are you all? I hope you are well and doing lots of exciting activities at home. I have enjoyed seeing what you are getting up to on Tapestry and hope to carry one seeing more soon. Are you showing Mum and Dad your big elephant listening and good owl looking? Mrs Rose, Ms Jung and I are all missing you at school. We hope to be back together soon! I have been into school a few times this week to help look after the children whose parents have to work. 

Make sure you are looking after your families!

Speak to you soon!

Miss Walls 

Message from Miss Taylor

Hi June Bug class,

I hope that you are all well and have been enjoying the activities we have been posting on the blog. Remember to keep sharing your learning on Tapestry, as seeing your lovely work on there has kept me smiling at home :-). This week, I have been preparing lots of fun activities for you to complete at home and during the Easter holidays – which are coming up very soon! I spoke with Ted on the telephone, who has gone to stay with his family for a little while. He will be back very soon. My little nephew has also been helping me to test out some of the phonics games we have planned for you. I think you will like them! Please keep checking the blog for updates.

 Enjoy spending this learning time with your family, I miss you all very much and can’t wait until we are all back together in our lovely classroom. Remember to show your grown-ups how fantastic June Bug class are at tidying up!

Speak soon, 

Miss Taylor xxx