Messages for parents

Welcome back! We hope you had a lovely break with your family and friends. It is great to be back with the children and to hear all about their holiday news.

The deadline for applications for Reception places is fast approaching: 15th January. If you have not yet applied, please don’t forget.

Welcome Letter

Please find the welcome letter attached for this half term. A copy has also been emailed to you.

Coffee Morning- Wednesday 23rd January

Mrs Maddock ,our EAL Coordinator, will be attending our coffee morning this term if you wish to discuss anything.

School Fund Reminder

Thank you to the parents who have already paid their one-off contribution of £15. Your contributions are greatly appreciated and allow us to provide extra-curricular opportunities for the children. If you are yet to make a contribution, we kindly ask that you do so. Contributions can be made via Parent Pay. Thank you.

Parents’ Voice

We really appreciate your feedback so please remember to return the forms. If you need another copy please just ask one of us.

Next week’s learning

Next week our theme is Nursery Rhymes and we will be: singing familiar nursery rhymes, recording performances on the iPad; making marks to represent nursery rhyme characters; learning facts about spiders (linked to Incy Wincy Spider) and working together to play a Humpty Dumpty game. In our sound groups we will be revising familiar ‘everyday’ sounds.  Our book of the week is Marvin Gets Mad by Joseph Theobald.

This week’s learning

This week our theme has been the nursery rhyme ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’.  We have turned our role play area into a theatre, complete with stage and dressing room! The children have been performing various nursery rhymes and other favourite songs. We  have also shared our holiday news by answering a range of questions. Linked to our theme, the children have been printing and counting stars and matching numeral to quantity.

Role playing
Cutting and making magic wands
Performing to an audience
Counting stars
Matching numeral to quantity

Health and Wellbeing

For our Health and Wellbeing morning, our focus was: Perseverance. We can define perseverance as: persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. Finding new ways of learning something that you need to know to make sure you achieve your goal. We can show perseverance by: Never giving up, trying our best, setting some goals for ourselves or asking for help if we need it. We completed a range of activities based on perseverance.

Activity 1- Stuck 

We read Stuck by Oliver Jeffers which is the story of a little boy who perseveres to get back his kite which is stuck in a tree. The story demonstrates that everyone can strive to achieve their goals.

Activity 2- Beanbag Challenge

We challenged the children to pass a beanbag along a line over their head and then through their legs without dropping it. The children were then challenged to throw the beanbag as high as they could and into a target. They had a lot of fun and did not give up!

Activity 3- Reflecting on the day

The children looked back at photographs of them doing the beanbag challenge and talked about what they did. We then joined in with a song called ‘Don’t Give Up’ by Sesame Street, Bruno Mars.

Messages for Parents

What a fantastic first term we’ve had with your little ones! Hopefully looking through the learning journeys has given you an insight into the fun we have while we are learning.

We’ve loved having the opportunity to uncover the special personality traits of each child and to learn more about your families.

Thank you so much for all the gifts, cards and Christmas well-wishes. We hope you have a lovely holiday and we look forward to seeing the smiling faces starting back in 2019!

Messages for Parents

Christmas Party

Tomorrow is the Christmas party. The children can come to Nursery wearing their Christmas and/accessory if they want to.
They can also bring in a small snack to enjoy during the class party. If your child would like a snack, then please provide them with a savoury or sweet treat to enjoy. All snacks must be nut and  broad bean free.

Learning Journeys

Your child’s learning journey has been shared with you on google drive. On Tuesday you received the login details and today we gave you the password in a white envelope. We hope you enjoy sharing them with your child.