Open Classroom: Friday 24th January

On Friday 24th January, Reception will be having an open classroom after school . This is an opportunity for children to show their parents around the classroom and demonstrate learning through play.

You will be able to enter your child’s classroom at approximately 2.20 until 2.40. We kindly ask that you wait in the playground until the children have been dismissed at 2.15. You will then be able to enter through classroom doors.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Charity Day: Sports for Schools

Letters will be given to children next week however, hopefully you are already aware of the exciting upcoming event with Frederick Afrifa. On the 30th and 31st of January, he will be coming into school to do a fitness workout with all of the children (one class at a time). He will then deliver an assembly where the children can ask him questions and discuss his training.

We are very excited to be working with ‘Sports for Schools’ for this event, who support athletes in the journey but also give 60% of the money raised back to the school for equipment, so they can continue to promote participation in sport.

Please can we encourage you to complete your sponsorship using the following link:

Thank you for your support.

This week’s learning

In phonics this week we introduced the phase 3 sounds w, x and y.  We continued to practise reading and recognising the tricky words I, to, the, no, go, of and into. We learnt to spell and write the words, to, the, and I.  We also learnt to read the phase 3 tricky words she and he. We practised segmenting words containing the sound then wrote them onto a mini whiteboard.  We enjoyed rolling a dice and finding words containing the x sound e.g.  Fox, six and mix. During a game of ‘Pass the Parcel’, we read words that contained the y sound and sorted them into fake and real groups. To consolidate our learning of tricky words we played a game of ‘Fishing for Words’.

In maths we focused on adding two amounts up to 10. We helped Barnaby Bear pack items in his suitcase by counting out the first amount and then the second. We then added them together and repeated an addition sentence e.g. 3 t-shirts and 2 t-shirts is the same as 5 t-shirts.  The next day we continued to practise addition by adding different flavoured ice-creams together.  We also learnt how to add 3 amounts together e.g. 3 strawberry ice creams, 2 chocolate ice creams and 1 vanilla ice cream.

In topic we practised using our sounds to write about our interests, based on our topic ‘Our World’. We also practised how to line up in the playground and followed the rules to have a safe playtime.  We discussed how important it is to listen to the adults in the playground and to follow their instructions. Towards the end of the week, each class voted on their choice of a non-fiction book. We discussed the features of non-fiction books and enjoyed finding out a range of facts.

Our Hook Day was very successful and the children thoroughly enjoyed taking their passports to the airport for a flight to Spain.  The children enjoyed taking part in this role-play activity and were keen to learn some facts about Spain.

Have a great weekend,

The Reception team.

This week’s learning

In phonics this week we introduced the phase 3 sounds j and v and we continued to practise spelling the tricky words to, the and I. We also learnt to read words containing the sound and had to sort words depending on whether they were real or fake. We also practised segmenting words containing the j sound and we wrote these words into a robot phoneme frame. 

In maths we focused on the number 10. We helped Barnaby Bear pack 10 items in his suitcase by counting out 10 from a larger group. We also helped Barnaby Bear split 10 presents between his mum and dad. We learnt that 10 can be split into many different parts e.g. 5 +5, 7+3, 9 +1, 2+ 8, 10 + 0. We practised saying the sentence ‘ __(e.g. 5) and __ (e.g. 5) is the same as 10’.

In topic we practised using our sounds to write about what we did over the Christmas holidays. We then introduced our new topic ‘Our World’ and asked the children what they would like to learn about in this topic. We also looked at Google maps to explore our local town and any other cities or countries of interest.  

Have a great weekend,

The Reception team.

Class Teacher Awards

Well done to all children for a great first week back. Congratulations to the following children who received a Class Teacher’s, Year Group Leader’s or Phase Leader’s Award.

June Bug: Maria and Chester

IWS: Reg and Joshua

Rainbow Bug: Hadley and Nick

Centipede: Dixie and Jazib

Year Group Leader: Noman (IWS), Grace (RB), Vinnie (JB) Antigone (IWS)

Phase Leader Award: Thomas (JB) Prisha (JB)