This week’s learning

The children have had a great week! They thoroughly enjoyed reading the story, Mr Gumpy’s Outing, pretending to be the different characters in the story! Linked to that, they also enjoyed learning different facts about farm animals ,for example, a pig likes to roll in mud to stay cool! During free flow, they had great fun creating models from boxes and painting pebbles. Later in the week, they learnt about Sun Safety- the three key words being, WRAP, SPLAT and HAT. 

Mr Gumpy’s Outing
Painting pebbles
Junk Modelling

Messages for Parents

Important Dates

Earthsong Music Workshop:  Monday 15th July

Celebration Evening: Monday 15th July (please see below)

Sports Day: Wednesday 17th July- please come in via Avenue Road entrance. We hope you can make it and hope the weather is kind to us!

Busy Beetles: 8:45 am

Fireflies: 1:20 pm

Celebration Evening- Monday 15th July

We are looking forward to welcoming you all to our celebration evening next Monday 15th July after school. Please see the attached the letter and the programme of events for more information.

Celebration_Evening_Programme 2019 (1)

Celebration Evening


Messages for Parents

Summer Fair: Saturday 6th July 11:30am – 3:30pm

We are the first to dance so we will call the children to the main field at 11:50am. If possible we would like the children to be dressed in a bright coloured top. Please be patient with us at the end as we dismiss all of the children. We hope you can come!

Earthsong Music Workshop:  Monday 15th July

Celebration Evening: Monday 15th July

Sports Day: Wednesday 17th July

If you are going to the seaside or having a clear out, we would really appreciate any of the following…

  • large pebbles or shells  for the children to paint
  • junk modelling materials (cardboard boxes, plastic containers, buttons, tubes etc)
  • small shovels or watering cans

Thank you.

Home Learning

In our sound groups we have been learning about initial sounds. Can you play ‘I Spy’ with someone in your family?

This week we enjoyed singing Nursery Rhymes using the percussion instruments. Next week we will be learning ‘Old MacDonald had a Farm’.

 Next week our story of the week is: Mr Gumpy’s Outing by John Burnigham. In the story different animals go for a ride in his boat. These include: calf, sheep, chicken, rabbit, cat, dog and goat. Key words from the story include: squabble, trample, and tease.

Please go through these words with your child to support  their learning. Thank you.

This week’s learning

This week the children found Pirates Love Underpants really funny! They had a lot of fun decorating their own ‘pants’ using a range of media including: painting with brushes, finger painting and collage using a range of materials. In Rhyme Time, they revisited familiar songs and played percussion instruments. They also conducted a science experiment to find out what happens to water when it is put in the freezer and made ice lollies. They had even more fun finding out what happens to ice when it comes out of the freezer! In maths, they were excellent at estimating how many objects were in a container and then checking by counting; many of them even wrote the numbers. To end the week, we revisited the PANTs rule and listened to the NSPCC song Pantosaurus. Finally, Mrs Oyesanya and Pippa popped in to say hello!

Pirates Love Underpants!
Rhyme Time
What do we think will happen to the water?
Enjoying the frozen ice lollies!
Estimating, counting and writing numbers
Parachute Games
Mrs Oyesayana and Pippa

Next week’s learning

Next week our book of the week is Mr Gumpy’s Outing by John Burningham. 

We will be learning about different farm animals; demonstrating and making models out of ‘junk’; learning and singing ‘Old MacDonald had a Farm’. We will also be learning about how to stay safe in the sun. In our sound groups we will continue to practise initial sounds and blending sounds together for example, c-a-t, p-i-g.