This week’s learning

This week has  been Anti-Bullying Week and we started the week wearing odd socks and sharing them with our friends. We explained that, although we look different, we treat everyone the same. To remind us about the day we painted sock outlines.  We also read ‘Stick and Stone’ by Beth Ferry, which taught us about being a good friend and looked at photographs of ‘good friends’ in Nursery. The children made a friendship pledge:

Friends play

Friends share

Friends help

Friends have fun! 

They also made friendship bands and learnt a new song:  Friends, Friends, 1,2,3. 

Sammy Squirrel made an appearance and was up to his old tricks again! This week he hid Mummy Squirrel’s nuts and the children were asked  to help find them and describe where they were (encouraging the use of positional language: on top, next to, behind). On Tuesday the children practised their cutting skills and prepared their own fruit salads- yummy!

To end the week, the children mark maked in response to the story. ‘Helper of the Day’ was introduced and someone will be chosen every day. They  will have special jobs for example, counting  the children, taking  the names cards off the board and leading the line.

A few highlights:


Painting socks

Preparing fruit salad

Sammy Squirrel is back .
Introducing Helper of the Day