Messages for parents

Your child’s learning journey

We hope you have enjoyed looking at your child’s learning journey. It is amazing to see the progress they have made since the start of the year! Please let us know if you have trouble accessing it.

Thank you for all of the contributions we have received towards school fund this year.  Nursery have put our school fund towards the EarthSong Workshop this week and the children had a fabulous time!   They  had the opportunity to play a wide range of instruments including shakers, drums, bells and a Kora (African Harp).They played a range of rhythm games and explored playing  loud, quiet, fast and slow. The presenter played a Yidakis and explained it is made from a fallen branch and is hollow because insects eat through it. The children also used props to help tell a West African story about a fisherman who caught  fish to feed the crocodile to keep everyone safe.

Sports Day

It was lovely to see so many of you on Wednesday supporting the children. I am sure you agree they were fantastic. Well done Nursery… we were really proud of them.

Next Week

End of term: Tuesday 23rd July 2019