This week’s learning

We have had a very exciting week settling into Reception. We were able to visit the different areas in Reception and we even met our new class bear.

To start the week, we practised getting into a circle and played a name game where we had to clap the syllables in our names. We also passed our class bear around the circle to introduce ourselves and we shared some of our hobbies. After being shown where to find the toilets, we discussed the importance of washing our hands and we practised doing this.

We also had fun playing the game ‘Silly Soup’. Our teachers made a silly soup with different rhyming objects e.g. man, pan, van. We had to repeat the rhyming words and sing a special song.

At the end of the week, we thought about creating a class charter. We were able to share our ideas and create a list of rules for the classroom. We are looking forward to completing and signing our class charters next week.

Well done to you all for a fantastic first week in Reception! We look forward to seeing you all next week.

Have a lovely weekend,

The Reception team.