This week’s learning

In phonics this week we recapped the sounds g, p and r and practised segmenting and spelling words containing these sounds.  We continued to practise reading the tricky words to, the, I, no and go and played ‘Tricky Word Splat’ to help us remember the words.  We learnt to read words containing the g sound e.g. dig, gap, mog and get. We did this by throwing a beanbag at a target word and then saying the sounds we could hear.  We also practised segmenting words containing the p sound and then used the sound mat to help us write the words onto our whiteboards.  We enjoyed throwing a picture dice to find words that contained the r sound e.g. rip, rat and run. We then segmented the words and wrote them down.

In maths we focused on the number 7.  We enjoyed exploring this number by counting and finding 7 objects in the outdoor learning area.  We then practised making 7 by using a tens frame.   We also learnt how to make 7 in different ways e.g. 4+3, 5+2, 6+1.

In topic we were extremely excited to find Santa’s footprints in our classrooms, leading towards a letter that he had left for us to read.  We then practised using our sounds to write a letter to Santa. We also listened to the story ‘The Gingerbread Man’ and enjoyed experimenting with different liquids to find out what would happen to the ‘The Gingerbread Man’ when he fell into the liquid.

The children have continued to practise learning their lines and actions for the Christmas show and we look forward to seeing you at our performance next week.

Have a fantastic weekend,

The Reception team.