This week’s learning

In phonics this week we introduced the phase 3 sounds j and v and we continued to practise spelling the tricky words to, the and I. We also learnt to read words containing the sound and had to sort words depending on whether they were real or fake. We also practised segmenting words containing the j sound and we wrote these words into a robot phoneme frame. 

In maths we focused on the number 10. We helped Barnaby Bear pack 10 items in his suitcase by counting out 10 from a larger group. We also helped Barnaby Bear split 10 presents between his mum and dad. We learnt that 10 can be split into many different parts e.g. 5 +5, 7+3, 9 +1, 2+ 8, 10 + 0. We practised saying the sentence ‘ __(e.g. 5) and __ (e.g. 5) is the same as 10’.

In topic we practised using our sounds to write about what we did over the Christmas holidays. We then introduced our new topic ‘Our World’ and asked the children what they would like to learn about in this topic. We also looked at Google maps to explore our local town and any other cities or countries of interest.  

Have a great weekend,

The Reception team.