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This week’s learning

This week in phonics we continued to recap the Phase 2 sounds.  We revised the sounds ‘b’, ‘d’, and  ‘p’. We practised segmenting and blending a variety of simple words containing these sounds by playing different games. We read and sorted words containing ‘b’ and ‘d’ sounds into the correct pile.   We sounded out alien and real words containing the ‘p’ sound and sorted them into the correct area.  We have continued to practise reading and writing the tricky words into, to, the, I, go and no. We played ‘Tricky Word Bingo’ where the children had to choose 3 tricky words to write onto their mini whiteboards and then cross out the word if it was called.  We played ‘Pass the Parcel’ with the high frequency words (common words);  is, it, in, at, and, back, mum, big, can, his, him, but and on.  Finally we revised the alphabet letters and played a game of ‘Splat’, where we had to race each other in order to find the correct letter name.

In maths we were introduced to the number 9 with a story about Frosty the Snowman. We explored finding 9 buttons from a large group and checking the amount by counting carefully and placing them on Frosty the Snowman.   We discussed how we knew it was 9 e.g. it is 3 and 3 and 3 or it is 4 and 5. The next day we practised the part-part whole method of splitting 9 into 2 parts, where Frosty shared his 9 buttons between 2 friends e.g. 6 and 3 makes 9.  We explored finding one less by having Jack Frost come and take away a button from the snowman. We learnt that the number gets smaller when we find one less.  At the end of the week we practised finding one more and making 9 in different ways.

In topic, we spoke about cards and the messages that we write inside them. We then wrote a message to go inside our own Christmas cards. In keeping with our Christmas theme, we discussed the different ways that we might celebrate Christmas and other special occasions with our families e.g. Diwali, Eid and birthdays. We also watched a short children’s version of the nativity story. We spoke about the main events in the story and the characters. We then ordered the events in the story.

.Have a great weekend,

The Reception team.