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Health and Well Being

In Reception,  we incorporate Health and Well Being as part of our Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED) strand. This term, we discussed different feelings and emotions. We thought about how we can be a good friend and discussed why we use kind hands. We have also learnt how to ask the adults for help at school and we are now beginning to recognise when we should ask for help.

Here are a few quotes from our PSED lessons over the half term:

Corinna – Using kind hands is nice!

Henry – If someone tries to break my toys I feel sad.

Sara – You have to be kind to your friends.

Holly – If people are sad you can play with them and make them laugh.

Joshua – Sometimes I feel happy.

This week’s learning

This week in phonics we continued with Phase 2.  We introduced the sounds ‘c’, ‘k’, ‘e’ and the digraph ‘ck’. Digraphs have two letters but make only one sound. We practised segmenting and blending simple words containing these sounds by playing a range of games. The children also enjoyed matching pictures to the corresponding word by segmenting (clapping out the sounds) e.g. cat > c-a-t.

In maths we were introduced to the number five. At the beginning of the week we compared groups of objects and decided which had more or fewer.  We then practised matching a numerals to its quantity.  We worked in teams to build towers, matching the numeral written on each card. We then had a go at ordering the numbers. Towards the end of the week, we painted multilink cubes and stamped them onto paper, exploring the different ways we could make 5. To end the week, we practised forming the numeral 5 with sand, paint and water.

In topic, we recapped the 6 rights and focused on the ‘Right to be treated fairly’. The children were shocked to find a big mess in their classroom and discussed how this made them feel and what they should do about it. We listened to a story about kind hands and discussed how we could use kind hands at school.  We also listened to a range of stories and enjoyed answering questions about them.

On Friday we had our ‘Everybody Writes Day’. We listened to a story about a superhero and then discussed which superhero we would like to be. We talked about the superpowers we would like to have and we had fun writing our ideas!

Well done to you all for a fantastic first half term! Enjoy the break and we look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday 29th October.

The Reception team.

This week’s learning

We continued with phase 2 phonics this week.  We introduced the sounds ‘n’, ‘m’, ‘d’, ‘g’ and ‘o’. We practised segmenting and blending simple words containing these sounds by playing a variety of games. We played ‘Pass the parcel’ where the children had to pull a word from the box to read and then find the corresponding picture. The children also enjoyed playing a game where we learnt to segment and spell using sound flashcards.

In maths we were introduced to the number four. At the beginning of the week we looked at four in a variety of ways, for example seeing the number four as dots, using our fingers, as objects and as a numeral. The children enjoyed being number detectives and investigating our learning environment to find different representations of the number four. We enjoyed learning a rhyme to help us remember how to form the number four, ‘Down and over, down once more that’s the way to make a four’. We then had the chance to practise forming this number in different ways in the outdoors, for example paint, bubble wands and chalks. We also looked at what happens to the number four when we add one more and learnt the sentence, ‘When we find one more the number gets bigger’.

In topic, we recapped the 6 rights and focused on the ‘Right to be safe’. The children watched a video about how to be a kind friend and then moved into a circle to discuss how they could show this. We looked at pictures of families and shared what we enjoy doing with our family. We were introduced to the characteristics of effective learning, relating these to our favourite TV show characters. We then looked at what is needed to create a sentence and then chose our favourite character to write about. Towards the end of the week we listened to a story of our choice so that we could continue to develop our listening and comprehension skills.

Enjoy the weekend,

The Reception team.

Poppy Appeal

From Monday 14th, you will be able to make donations for The Royal British Legion’s Poppy Appeal. Please look out for the children at Avenue and Dorset Road gates who will be taking donations. There is not a set amount for the paper poppies, however the larger items are either 50p or £1. We will also have a collection at the main school office. Thank you for your support. 

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