Open Classroom: Thursday 28th November

This is a reminder that Reception will be having their open classroom on Thursday 28th November at 2.30pm until 2.50pm. This is a chance for you to explore our learning environment with your child. Please enter via the Avenue Road gate, where a member of staff will meet you at the office. At the end of the session (2.50pm), please leave via the office at Avenue Road and walk round to Dorset Road to collect your child at the normal time of 3:05pm.

We look forward to seeing you then.

This week’s learning

In phonics this week we recapped the phonic sounds e, f and l and practised segmenting and spelling words containing these sounds.  We continued to practise reading the high frequency words mum, dad, back, up and the tricky words to, the, I, no and go.  We also learnt  to recognise, order and find the letters of the alphabet. 

In maths, we focused on number 6.  We learnt about Pirate Pete finding 6 pieces of gold and we all counted our treasure into our own treasure chests.  We looked at a tens frame and counted 6 people onto the bus.  We then all practised counting 6 counters onto our own tens frame. We investigated different ways of making 6 by stamping a cube into paint and creating a formation of 6. Finally, we represented 6 in a variety of ways by adding 6 different toppings to a pizza. E.g. 4 tomatoes and 2 peppers.

Tens frame

In topic, we practised writing a birthday card for our class bears.  We focused on writing our names correctly and using the tricky word to. We also talked about the ‘Right to be treated fairly’ and played a party game to develop our turn taking skills.

The children have enjoyed rehearsals for our production ‘The Sleepy Shepherd’. Please continue to practise learning your lines at home. Please can costumes be handed to your child’s class teacher on Monday 25th November 2019. Thank you.

Have a great weekend,

The Reception team.

Class Teacher Awards

Well done to the following children who received a Class Teacher’s Award, Year Group Leader’s Award or Phase Leader’s Award this week:

June Bug: Abdullah and Vivaan

IWS: Reg and Gloria

Rainbow Bug: Ava and Aarav

Centipede: Alex and Raunak

Year Group Leader Award: Harishan

Phase Leader Award: Amir

This week’s learning

In phonics this week we learnt our final phase two sound ’ss’ before recapping the sounds ‘m’, ’n’’b’ and ’d’. We used a selection of practical activities to help us blend and segment words containing these sounds e.g. Mess, bed, bat, mop and net. We were also introduced to the five vowels aeiand through the song ‘vowel bat’. We now know that there is always a vowel in the middle of the three letter words (CVC words) we have been reading and writing. 

This week in maths, we focused on repeating shape patterns. We began the week by creating an AB repeating pattern using circles and oblongs for example, circle, oblong, circle, oblong. We then explored ABC patterns using circles, oblongs and triangles e.g. triangle, circle, oblong, triangle, circle, oblong. Towards the end of the week we printed ABB patterns using cylinders to create circles and cubes to create squares for example, square, circle, circle, square, circle, circle. 

In topic this week we read a selection of stories and answered questions about them. We also discussed the importance of sharing and taking turns and completed a selection of activities to help us.  Today we visited our local church and listened to the Christmas story in preparation for our Christmas show. Please continue to practise learning your lines at home.

Have a great weekend,

The Reception team.